HiPath 3000

    HiPath 3000
  • Suitable for small and medium businesses that scale to 500 users
  • Supports any combination of TDM, analogue and IP telephones, PC clients and cordless phones
  • Reduced call charges with IP Telephony between sites
  • Enhanced telephony features ranging from Caller Lists to Caller ID display on forwarded calls
  • Controlled communication costs through itemised data sets according to cost centre
  • Applications for Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), Unified Messaging, CRM and Mobility
  • Improved mobility with high-quality DECT¬†solution
  • Call barring, paging, group calls, conferencing and MOH
  • Efficient call-routing with Hunt Group and Night / Day service
  • Available in both rack-mounted and wall-mounted configurations


HiPath 4000

    HiPath 4000
  • Suitable for medium to large businesses for up to 12,000 users
  • Web-based, centralised management system
  • Real-time communication over IP
  • Entire network access via integrated gateways
  • Less administration with single system view
  • Freely scalable unrestricted network expansion
  • IP Convergence platform for connecting TDM and IP phones


OpenStage Handsets

OpenStage Handsets-60
OpenStage Handsets
OpenStage Handsets

Unify OpenStage handsets are a range of stylish desktop phones with high-definition voice featuring the very latest acoustic developments. This state-of-the-art technology including touch sensitive controls and a rich and intuitive menu system is available for TDM and IP environments.

The users will enjoy the ease-of-use and high-definition voice quality, while IT managers will like the simple integration with your communications environment. The most popular handsets are OpenStage 60, OpenStage 40 and OpenStage 15.

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