Communication and technology play a central role in business operations and competitive positioning. Instead of having diverged communication and technology systems that draw boundaries to place, time and efficiency, we offer one seamless infrastructure that meets all your business needs. We can enable you to have faster collaboration, easier mobility, lower operating costs, enhanced staff productivity and superior customer service. We help you in making the choice that is best-suited for your budget, future goals and the size of your business. We offer a range of services including Bill Analysis, UC Consultancy, Corporate Account Management, and Maintenance and Troubleshooting.

UC Consultancy

UC Consultancy

You can now take advantage of the converged communication and technology functionalities through us. We focus on improving your infrastructure and opening an array of new possibilities for your business that totally transform the way you do your business. And we ensure that your business experiences increase in overall productivity and superior customer service at reduced overhead costs.

Being partners of some of the leading brands in the field unified communications and technology, we are experienced in dealing with diverse business models, scales and industries. Our consultants will visit you at your business, explore your current ICT needs and offer you a comprehensive solution that meets the current and future needs of your business. Read More
Some of the key outcomes you can expect from our consultation are
  • Strategic Plan : We create a strategic plan considering your business model, strategies, goals and current systems and design a solution for your business that is a roadmap to success.
  • Product and vendor selection : From a wide-range of our partners’ products and services, we suggest you a right solution for your business.
  • Implementation : Our consultation will give you a clear overview of how we ensure a successful collaboration and priority bandwidth access implementation of new systems, removal of uneconomical and unproductive systems, and integrating existing systems with a simple unified system.
  • Adaptability : If you do not have a unified system in place, you will see that implementing one often requires changes in the current business practices. Our consultants will help you understand how the system works so you have ample time to plan and manage change in your business to achieve the desired results.

Bill Analysis

Bill AnalysisWe offer a free bill analysis. We pay attention to the details of your bills to understand your current usage, trends, industry, size of business, and mobility requirements. We help you understand how to become more efficient by eliminating the services you may not need and implementing a best-suited solution for all your communication and technology requirements. Bill Analysis also helps us in delivering precise consultations and drawing the proposals that are the most productive and suitable for your budget and scope.

Corporate Account Management

Corporate Account ManagementWe establish ongoing relationships with you to introduce complex products and services with ease and offer end-to-end management services including our post-installation services. We look after each customer’s needs closely and follow any queries or issues regarding installation and maintenance and assist with simple troubleshooting and problem-solving. Once we ensure that everything is installed accurately and the systems are running smoothly, on an ongoing basis we make certain that you are completely satisfied with our systems and are attaining your goals by employing them strategically. We stay in touch with you to make sure that the latest products and service updates are available to you up-to-the-minute.

Support and Maintenance

Support and MaintenanceWe have a team of professional technicians and engineers who are available to install, maintain and also train you and your employees to use the equipment and understand the manuals. If you experience any difficulty using any of the systems and/or services, our team quickly responds to help you almost immediately. We provide technical knowledge transfer about implementation and other support services.

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