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Small and Medium Enterprises

Our Small and Medium Enterprises team operates in the B2B space, understands the demands of a business and can effectively communicate with business owners. They will work to obtain the optimum solution from your range of products and services to increase your customer's efficiencies, productivity and profitability.

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Our SME services will
  • Increase customer efficiencies, productivity and profitability while maxContentimising profits
  • Gain valuable market feedback
  • Overcome reservations that may stop prospects from buying Add momentum and close sales following a promotional campaign  
  • Leave customers with an outstanding experience of dealing with our sales professionals

Client Account Management

We believe in delivering the very best customer experience - whether we are talking with our corporate clients about their next sales campaign or selling products on their behalf. As our client, you will be appointed a dedicated Client Account Manager who will research about your company needs and assist you in designing your campaign. Read More
Our Client Account Management services will
  • Proactively manage your campaign to continually improve and extend your customer reach
  • Meet you at regular agreed intervals to discuss in detail about customer contracts, sales generated and orders lodged
  • Oversee the day-to-day logistics of your campaign
  • Arrange product-based trainings for our sales staff
  • Help resolve any issues that arise during the campaign

Corporate Account Management

Our Corporate Account Management team is expert in customer relationship management and comprises of highly experienced people who will work in partnership with your organisation to build new customer relationships and work through complex sales processes. Read More
Our Corporate Account Management services will
  • Establish relationships with prospective clients
  • Introduce complex products and services
  • Manage the entire sales process including after sales services
  • Ensure that the newest products and service updates are made available

Outbound call services

Our outbound call centre is highly flexible to maxContentimise the impact of your marketing strategy. Using state-of-the-art technology and a professional approach, our sales personnel can efficiently contact your customers to initiate appointments, close sales and confirm orders. Read More
Our outbound call services will
  • Perform telemarketing and promotional roles
  • Follow-up direct marketing campaigns
  • Arrange sales appointments
  • Confirm sales orders
  • Provide post-sale customer service

inbound call services

Our Inbound call centre can manage sales process end-to-end ensuring customers always receive the most professional response to their calls. Read More
Our inbound call services will
  • Accept sales orders
  • Manage enquiries generated through marketing campaigns
  • Provide troubleshooting advice

HR division

Our in-house HR division personally selects our staff and ensures that each ICT consultant receives comprehensive sales-based training from day one - whether they are selling face-to-face, operating from our call centre or nurturing complex corporate deals. Our training programs include three-level courses 1) product, technical and compliance training, 2) consultancy and sales training and 3) reinforcement courses. Read More
Our HR division will
  • Ensure that only those with the most professional approach and quality performance are retained in our team
  • Develop selling skills through role plays and workshops
  • Enhance performance with leadership and mentoring

compliance team

Handing over your company's sales processes to an external company can be concerning. But when we are your partner, there is no need to worry! Our Compliance team has a zero-level of tolerance for any compliance issues and maintains a consistent compliance ratio below 1% of sales at all times. Read More
Our compliance team will
  • Ensure our sales processes are efficient, transparent and compliant with federal and industry regulations
  • Ensure that the business adheres to its stated values and fully complies with federal and industry regulations and internal policies
  • Guarantee a high level of compliance with the Australian Consumer Laws and other Applicable Laws at every level from Recruitment to Governance

admin and sales support

Our admin and sales support team is well-resourced to book all the sales orders internally. The team checks every customer account thoroughly and audits each sale before processing. Read More
Our admin and sales support team will
  • Carefully manage paperwork for each project
  • Check orders placed for absolute accuracy
  • Undertake customer identification and credit checks prior to submitting any orders
  • Contact customers to confirm orders details, advise delivery and take feedback on the products and services
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