Optus Broadband

Mobile broadband

    Optus Broadband - Mobile broadband
    Optus Broadband - Mobile broadband
  • Reliable and 20% faster speeds during high demand periods with Priority Advantage and Web Acceleration
  • 97% of Australian population coverage of Optus Open Network
  • Reduced wastage and controlled expenses by sharing data across the business
  • Access to a wide range of USB modems, 3G or 4G WiFi devices and latest business tablets
  • Makes the most of your in between time by allowing you to work anywhere
  • Optus 7-day ‘yes’ coverage commitment to ensure a satisfactory coverage
  • Optional OfficeApps and Email Collaboration Suite


Office broadband

    Optus Broadband - Office Broadband
    Optus Broadband - Office Broadband
  • Attractive bundles with office phone with one comprehensive bill
  • Wide-range of broadband usage options
  • Cost-effective internet solution with Naked Broadband that needs no fixed phone line service
  • Optus broadband on National Broadband Network (NBN) for better speeds and the opportunity to work more efficiently

Evolve broadband

    Optus Broadband - Evlove Broadband
  • Single easy-to-manage network platform instead of diverse legacy networks
  • Supports needs for businesses of all sizes within the global market
  • Simplified network with more visibility and control
  • Ability to share critical information securely and with flexibility between different business sites 24/7
  • Direct link for remote and mobile workers and trusted business partners to centrally stored data and applications
  • Ability to converge voice and data on the network
  • Focus of IT teams is shifted to building business rather than running network


Evolve IP VPN broadband

  • Simplifies network design with the ability to add new locations without having to restructure existing network architectures
  • Flexible modular design letting businesses add or change new sites and services as required
  • Quality of Service for business grade access services so business application delivery is prioritised
  • Supports latest converged services that help businesses grow
  • Enhanced reporting through a single online tool, the eCare portal, making it easy for IT department to manage and optimise network
  • High performance and reliability and is backed by Optus SLA’s
  • Simplified billing with charges on site-by-site basis
  • End-to-end management of outsource network management through Optus Evolve MRS


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