Optus Business Phone


    Optus Business Phone - MultiLine
  • Digital telephone service that reduces call costs and boosts productivity through optimised call handling
  • Ideally suited to medium sized businesses with digital PABX systems
  • Hunt Groups forward your inbound calls to different phone lines within your business
  • Malicious Call Tracing to activate an alarm signal to the exchange during an unwelcome call
  • Itemised bill extension by extension
  • Optional White Pages directory listing
  • Can also be used for modem calls
  • Ability to connect FAX or EFTPOS
  • Supports videoconferencing and inter-PABX signalling
  • Ability to increase the amount of telephony channels as needs grow


Voice over DSL

    Optus Business Phone - Voice over DSL
    Optus Business Phone - Voice over DSL
  • An analogue telephone service designed to connect to office phones, FAX and EFTPOS directly or through a PBX on key system
  • Ability to combine standard local, long distance with broadband internet
  • Simple and highly streamlined solution for all business communication needs
  • Cost savings on call rates and line rental
  • A dedicated Business Center offering help and advice
  • Flexibility to choose the number of telephone lines, broadband package and contract term
  • Guaranteed broadband speeds from 64/64kbps up to 1500kbps
  • Wide range of call features including Call Baring, Call Waiting and Speed Dial


Business Totality

    Optus Business Phone - Business Totality
  • Covers all business telephony needs of business phone systems and handsets, installation, maintenance and cost effective phone services
  • Feature-rich phone systems and mobility solutions of NEC
  • Customised packages for upgrading, refreshing or starting up
  • Single fixed phone number. Mobile or notebook can act as an extension to desk phone by ringing simultaneously
  • One voicemail box across fixed and mobile phones with optional voicemail messages on a computer or desk phone
  • Highly reliable network for local, national, and international calls and fixed to mobile calls
  • On-site standard maintenance for first year and remote maintenance for the term of agreement
  • Standard maintenance includes parts, materials and service necessary with easy access to team of maintenance specialists
  • Optional enhanced mobility features such as Unified Communications and Unified Messaging for flexible and productive work practices
  • Simple one monthly bill for phone calls and business phone system
  • ‘Yes’ Business Totality HelpDesk as a single point of contact and accountability of your services


One Office

  • Unlimited standard calls to Australian fixed and mobile numbers
  • Designed for businesses with 20-200 employees
  • Optional bundles with Evolve Internet service for high bandwidth and enterprise service quality
  • Optional bundles with Evolve IP VPN for secure and private network for multiple office locations
  • Dedicated point of contact as an order delivery specialist to ensure smooth installation at every step
  • Availability of scalable and feature-rich add-on business phone system, phone lines and mobility solutions
  • Ongoing business technical support team

1300 – 1800 Numbers

  • Allows customers to easily contact you with one number from anywhere in Australia
  • Saves time by directing customers’ calls to your mobile or closest office in Australia
  • Captures voice or fax messages when you are busy or closed
  • Reduces customers’ waiting times by automatically directing inbound calls to available staff
  • Professional profile for your business through a personalised inbound number

IP Phone Premier

  • Benefits of PABX system at an affordable price
  • Supports up to 20 employees with the option of 2-6 fixed lines through one port
  • Unlimited standard local and national calls to fixed, plus unlimited standard calls to Australian mobiles within Australia
  • Online call management system called ‘Personal Agent’, to attend and route calls when you are away
  • Sequential routing to ensure you never miss a sales opportunity
  • Incoming business calls can ring on multiple numbers at the same time ensuring faster response to customers’ calls
  • Easier usage and freedom to manage configurations without the need of technical support
  • End-to-end client account management by one of our dedicated representatives to ensure support from delivery, installation to follow-up


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