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Email and Collaboration

    Optus Digital Solutions - Email and Collaboration
    Optus Digital Solutions - Email and Collaboration
  • An essential set of business productivity and collaboration tools including email, calendar, instant messaging, video sharing and document management.
  • Domain name for business, free access to Office Apps and 24/7 end-user support.
  • Accessibility and mobility enabling the access to critical business information from anywhere.
  • About 50 times more email storage than the industry average.
  • Built on good applications for business including Gmail for Business, and Google Talk for instant collaboration.
  • Real-time collaboration of business docs, easier and more engaging Google videos, instant real-time Google Talk, web-based Google Calender.
  • Eliminates expensive hardware and software set-up costs.

Mobile Security

    Optus Digital Solutions - Mobile Security
  • Powerful business tool to ensure protection of valuable data from theft and viruses.
  • Real-time antivirus and spyware protection of mobile devices from Trojans and other harmful. programs.
  • Browsing Protection that secures browsing on the web, search and social networking sites.
  • No additional cost for data usage with OfficeApps on Optus Mobile or Business Mobile Broadband services within Australia.
  • Easily locks, wipes or resets passwords of devices if required.
  • Central administrative rights on the OfficeApps portal to administrators giving full access to the security status and history of all the devices.
  • Enables remote locking of compatible device, tracing location or even wiping data with OfficeApps Mobile Security.
  • Orientation provided to the business administrator to set-up and basic know how of the OfficeApps portal.

PC Security

    Optus Digital Solutions - PC Security
  • PC or MAC is protected against security threats with automatic anti-virus updates and software upgrades plus routine security scans.
  • Real-time virus and spyware protection, spam control and anti-phishing, and email filtering.
  • Management and administration of data and security through a central web-based dashboard with OfficeApps.
  • Internet shield incorporating firewall, application control and intrusion prevention.
  • Internet access and security levels controllable by the administrator.
  • Targeted browsing protection prevents visiting of harmful or inappropriate websites.
  • Comprehensive end-user support via phone, email or web-chat.
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