We believe our workforce to be the most valuable resource and as such provide a friendly work environment, excellent career opportunities, exciting and challenging targets that the progress our staff's career with us.

We provide outstanding benefits that include

  • Rapid growth that is performance-based and not time-based.
  • Personalised rewards that give an opportunity to put skills-set to optimal function and achieve rewards that one truly deserves.
  • Team culture with dynamic and motivating environment and plenty opportunities for new initiatives and new ideas.
  • Open door policy to openly discuss growth prospects, concerns and queries with any level in the organisational hierarchy.
  • Ongoing training to enhance employee performance and upgrade skills.

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Ethics and compliance

We are guided by the highest standard of ethical values. We strictly abide by Australian Consumer Laws and other relevant laws, regulations, standards and policies of the industry. Our ethics and compliance program includes training, regulating internal communication, respecting human rights, acting with integrity and accountability, respecting diversity and competing in a healthy manner. We provide training programs to create awareness throughout the organisation and develop and deploy appropriate practices and procedures that ensure compliance. We expect 100% integrity in all business practices and have zero-tolerance for any illegal or unethical conduct in our company.

Occupational Health and Safety

We are committed to ensure that all our stakeholders including our employees, contractors, visitors, clients, and client's workers remain free from health and safety hazards at work. We focus on continual improvement of safety performance with an aim of eliminating work-related injury and illness. We ensure that each branch has a Fire Evacuation Plan and Fire orders that are essentially discussed with our workforce at regular intervals. Our policy against Occupational Bullying and Violence Prevention focuses on eliminating risks to health, safety and comfort. Many of our employees and contractors travel at work and we ensure that we educate them about being safe in unstable weather conditions, aggressive consumers, road safety, access to toilets, first-aid and assistance. We believe that by taking necessary precautions, accidents and injuries can be avoided.

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