IP Office

  • Scalability to grow from 5 employees to 1,000 at a single site and network up to 32 locations.
  • Enhanced video capabilities with the Avaya Flare Experience and Radvision Scopia products.
  • Easy delivery of applications to everyone including remote staff.
  • Secure 128-party conference bridge.
  • Hybrid solution using IP, digital, analog or SIP technology in any combination.
  • Capacity to inter-operate with more than 2 million Avaya systems worldwide.
  • Integration with desktop applications, multi-layered automated attendants, and mobility applications.
  • Optimal customer interactions with tacking, recording and reporting on calls.
  • Optional data networking products, security features, intuitive and centralized management tools, and support services.
  • Mean time between failures of 68 years without the need for internal fans or hard drives.


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